Problem set authorizations

Honor Code Pledge

You will be required to write and sign the honor code when you submit your work on problem sets.

“I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment.”

Please note that by signing this honor code, you pledge to follow the authorizations described below. You also pledge to not distribute or share any part of the problem set repositories, or any part of the scripts that you develop while solving the problems in the set, with other students outside of the present class at any time. This will allow me to recycle these problems in the future without disadvantaging students in the present. Thank you.

Independent phase

You will have 2.5 hours to independently solve and submit solutions to three problems. You must submit separate links to each script in the problem set dropbox (this will be demonstrated at the beginning of the problem set).

We will start the clock after we have read through the problems together and I have answered any questions.

While you work on a problem set, you are authorized to refer to the eePrimer repository, the scripts that you have written previously in this class, and your notes from lecture meetings.

You are authorized to communicate with Jeff Howarth while you work on this problem set for questions about clarity and/or language in the problem descriptions. There will be a zoom room open throughout the independent phase and you may join at any time.

Otherwise, during the independent phase, you are not authorized to communicate in any way with anyone about the problem set.

Collaborative phase

You are responsible for solving all three problems and meeting all prompt criteria by the end of the collaborative phase as marked on the syllabus calendar. You must submit revised scripts in the problem set dropbox.

Please note: you do not need to re-submit a link to a solution if you solved it correctly in the independent phase.

During the collaborative phase, you are authorized and encouraged to talk to instructors and other students in the course about the problems. We will discuss the solutions as a class in our lecture meeting on Wednesday. During the collaborative phase, you may work on problems with peers in this class. You may also discuss any part of any problem with Jeff Howarth or the ASI in our office hours.