Please note: I will update this calendar regularly with materials for lecture and lab.

💚 Feb 14 💜 Introduction
Feb 15 Earth Engine Code Editor
Javascript 101
Map UI 101
Great circles
Tissot’s indicatrix
EO readings
Feb 16 EMR and spectral signatures
Spectral signature scavenger hunt
Feb 21 Image bands Displaying image bands EO story responses
Feb 22 RGB composites
Additive color and RGB composites
RGB change composite
Feb 23 Image collections
Image collection workflow
Feb 28 MODIS collections
Intro to MODIS
Mar 1 Landsat collections
Intro to Landsat collections
Mar 2 Sentinel collections
Intro to Sentinel collections
Mar 7 NAIP & Planet
Intro to high resolution imagery
Mar 8 Problem Set 1
Mar 9 Problem review
Mar 10 Phase 2 due by 5pm
Mar 14 Project pitches
Project 1: Analysis
Mar 15 Workshop
Cloud masks
Mar 16 Peer review
Mar 21 🌞
Mar 22 🌊
Mar 23 🌴
Mar 28 Working with widgets
Intro to labels
UI layout template
Mar 29 Workshop
Mar 30 Peer review
Apr 4 Global oceans Project 1 due by 7:30pm

Bathymetry, chlorophyll, and SST
Apr 5 Land surface temperatures
Daily and seasonal change of LST
Apr 6 Anomalies
SST Anomalies
Apr 11 Global oceans discussion Global circulation background materials
Apr 12 Normalized indices
Green blocks
Apr 13 Spatial anomalies
Spatial anomalies of LST
Apr 18 Environmental legacies
HOLC legacies
Apr 19 Legacies (2)
HOLC legacies: revision and application
Apr 20 Global Forest Change
Hansen’s global forest change tutorials
Apr 25 Workflow discussion
Hansen review
Apr 26 Problem set 2
Apr 27 Problem discussion
Apr 28 Phase 2 due by 5pm
May 2 Project 2 intro
Project description
May 3 Workshop
How to import a feature collection asset
May the 4th Project pitches
Project hacks
May 9 UI design
May 10 App Workshop
May 11 Peer review
May 16 Project 2 due by 5pm